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Yayasan Sin Chew (“Yayasan”) was established on 25th. October, 2000.

Over the years, Yayasan has become a platform to systematically marshall public support for individual causes and major catastrophes, such as the SARS epidemic in 2003, the Tsunami Disaster in 2004, the Johor Flood in 2006, Penang Flood in 2017 and, most recently, COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. Donations to Front-liners & NGOs :

Yayasan had initiated charitable efforts – the “Fight for Life, Action to Save” Donation Campaign to help the medical front-liners and underprivileged communities affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since 24th March 2020, the donations have gone timely to support the urgent needs for the front-liners, initially to the designated 26 Covic-19 hubs (General Hospitals).

We had donated the personal protective equipment (PPE) such as coverall protective gears, complete isolation gown with tudung, face shields, gloves, shoe covers, scrubs and surgical masks. Fo Guang Shan Malaysia & Chi Hui Tang Malaysia (Buddhist NGOs) together have contributed their resources in distributions of these PPE nationwide.

The support from Yayasan also includes the acute shortage medical equipment, i.e. power air purifying respirator (PAPR) and general anaesthesia machines for various designated hospitals in both East and West Malaysia. The above equipment have provided a tremendous help to these resource-strained state Covid Hospitals fighting the current pandemic and for its future need.

We undertook initiatives with the collaboration of Buddhist’s Light International Association Malaysia Chapter (BLIA), to support the underprivileged communities, financially hit due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the pandemic. We managed to donate 228 deserved NGOs, which include disabled institutions, old folk homes, orphanage, mental health centers, hospice centers, etc. Besides funding RM 200 per person for adoptees of the qualified charitable centers, we also donated facemasks accordingly.

The similar solicitation of donation from public was specifically exercised on the critical Sabah Covid-19 pandemic starting 13th.October, 2020 together with Sabah Medical Association (SAMA).

All the contribution has summed up to an aggregate value of RM 5M (Five Million Ringgit Malaysia) benefited over 83 government hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers and government bodies (e.g. PDRM) nationwide.

“ We Care : Sponsor-A-Child” Program :

Yayasan launched the “We Care :Sponsor-A-Child” Program in 2004 and re-direct the donations to hundreds of poor students every year for their education fees and daily needs.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the parents or guardians of the aided students under this Program are part-time workers, lost their job and face problems paying their rental, utilities fees and buying their daily necessities during this MCO period.

In view of this, Yayasan has decided to donate in monetary to 179 families (out of 300 families) as an urgent and emergency support.

Medical Financial Aid :

Yayasan also raises fund for individuals who are in urgent need, such as those suffering from critical diseases and require immediate medical attention.

In general, when the stories of needy individuals and victims are reported in Sin Chew Daily, donations flooded Yayasan office. Overwhelming support of donations both locally and overseas are received through on-line transfer, internet transfer, cheques and cash.




  1. 為社會大眾提供一個助人與受助的管道,讓善心人士能藉此捐助需要幫助的弱勢社群,並且提高人們的社會關懷意識。
  2. 成為有活力、公正、誠摯、可信賴及有高透明度的慈善基金會。




1.“情在人間”助學計劃( “We Care :Sponsor-a-student” Program)

從2004年起,我們每年請學校的校長、老師、社工推薦貧困學生, 經過基金會職員進行家訪查實後, 就會把符合條件的學生納入“情在人間”助學計劃名單。


捐助一名學生一年的助學金是 RM 3000.00。 我們會每個月初把助學金RM250.00匯給受助學生。





2004年的南亞大海嘯 、2006年的南馬大水災、2008年緬甸風災、2008年汶川大地震、台灣“八八“風災、2009年印尼地震、2009年 菲律賓風災、2010年青海大地震、2011年日本地震、2011年的馬來西亞東海岸大水災……星洲日報基金會未曾缺席。



我們在2017年推展 “300萬元支援100家老人院/孤兒院”送暖計劃, 旨在給那些由於社會援助減少而陷入經濟困難的福利機構雪中送炭。

接下來的幾年,鑑於很多福利機構的經濟情況並沒好轉,星洲日報基金會每年都撥出巨款幫助約100家福利機構紓困, 讓慈善的鏈接不中斷。

5. 支援抗疫前線醫護人員


2020年初,全球爆發新冠肺炎,面對突發的疫情,馬來西亞醫院面臨急救裝備及個人防護用品短缺的問題。為了支援在第一線奮戰的醫護人員, 星洲日報基金會聯合其它組織,捐贈了價值數以百萬的急救裝備和個人防護用品到全國82家公立醫院、衛生所、洗腎中心等公共單位。


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